Geneticist? Not me!

June 17, 2016


Genetics has always been an interesting subject for me. Now does this mean I wanted to be a geneticist? Are you kidding? Have you ever walked into a genetics lab? One day in there with the cases of fruit flies and the smell…that was enough for me. I’ll stick to reading about studies and the more abstract part of genetics!


A lot of people think of genetics as limited to eye color, hair color, height, etc. But a study I read years ago looked at identical twins that had been separated at birth. As adults, and never having met, scientists found behaviors that the twins shared. One set would both walk into the ocean backwards, I know, what is that about? Another set of twins would flush the toilet before and after they used it…hmm…no water conservation here. Some even named their children the same name and drove the same model car. Anyway, the point being that behaviors are genetically inherited.


It is crazy to think that genes could cause you to act a certain way or have a particular habit. Some researchers are now saying as much as fifty percent of personality is inherited. Crazy. So if some mutated gene can make a person want to walk in to the ocean backwards is it such a leap to think that sometime in the past a mutation allowed us to manipulate energy with our minds? Okay, maybe a stretch, but it is still way fun to think about and even better to write about!

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