Fish out of Water

June 22, 2016


In a famous quote Albert Einstein said Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole live believing that it is stupid.”


I’ve known a few fish in my life. People that were judged unfairly. People that were labeled and told they were stupid because they didn’t fit the classic definition of smart, which is verbal ability. One of these people could take anything apart and fix it, another could fire off an answer to complex math before I could even write the problem on the paper.


But because they struggled with reading or writing they didn’t do well in school and would tell you they are stupid.


I might do well on tests, but give me a motor and ask me to put it together…well, let’s just say the fan went backwards. And we won’t talk about the time I almost electrocuted myself by drilling through a live wire. Or the time I got lost for hours because the directions said go west and I somehow turned east. You get the picture.  Really, who is the stupid one?


Maybe this is why I’m drawn to the ‘fish out of water’ story. Everyone has talents it is more a matter of finding those and letting them express their talent. I wanted my character to be that fish, being told there was something wrong with her and then show everyone her real talent, one she didn’t even know she had, and make them all eat crow (to put it nicely). So here is to all the fish, you are all geniuses, no matter what the ignorant people say.

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