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Going against the witch council means one thing—death. Levi learned that hard way after losing someone he cared about. For the last year he’s kept his head down and followed all the rules. Now he’s poised to gain power and prestige. Problem is, he wants neither.

As if he needs more complications, his mother is out to marry him off. Jade is the latest in a string of brainless women Levi’s mother has paraded in front of him. But Jade is anything but what she seems. Beneath her charming exterior, lies a keen and complicated mind. Against his better judgement, Levi is captivated the moment he meets her. Will she be his salvation or his downfall?

When Levi finds out that his best friend’s sister, Sarah, is on the council’s chopping block, he can’t stand aside any longer. Sarah is a Defect—a witch whose magic is broken and chaotic. Defects never survive long in the witch world. Sarah may be Levi’s way of balancing the scales of justice.

As Levi gets pulled deeper into the dangerous world of saving Defects, he finds himself walking a razor's edge between playing the good witch and the rebel.



As the world’s worst witch, Maddie is mistreated by her own kind. She was born a Defect. Most of her spells blow up in her face, literally. While witches search for the long-lost power of the earth, Maddie spends her time in the science lab. There, Maddie discovers a clue to the lost power.


The only other witness is Jax, a smokin’ hot bad-boy who Maddie can’t decide if she wants to kiss or kill. When she fails her magic final, the council orders her magic stripped. Maddie’s only chance to keep her brain intact is to find the power with the hope that it can “fix” her.


Jax is her one ally on the journey. The two of them must use their smarts to stay ahead of the witches while they follow a two-hundred-year-old trail to the power of the earth and the truth behind Maddie’s defect.



Someone wants Sydney dead. Only problem is, she has no idea who. Pushing her off a cliff, thinking the deadly ocean waves will finish their dirty-work, was their first mistake. The near-death experience opens channels of uncontrollable magic, which Sydney is told should have remained dormant.


As if finding out magic is real and hit-lists aren't enough, Sydney discovers her family lied to her. They were witches too. But they're all dead. And she's left to fend off the psychos after her blood with only Luke, her childhood crush turned steamy college student, on her side. Turns out being a witch isn't as awesome as you'd think, especially when your magic has fatal consequences.

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Book no.3



Grayson, a British gentleman, is considered a catch in the dating world. But, when it comes to casting spells, he brings nothing but destruction in the form of earthquakes. Accepting his fate as a Defect, he’s sworn off magic. Then he meets Rowan, an intriguing earth witch. Her fierce nature pushes Gray to give it another try.


Rowan’s been bullied all her life because she’s an earth witch, only able to use her powers by making potions. But Gray is different from the typical arrogant witches she’s known, and against her better judgement she finds herself falling for his unassuming charms. But will her past get in the way of her future?


When danger threatens the entire witch world Gray must turn his destructive magic into a weapon to give them the edge over evil. But the price of success is too high—it could cost him Rowan.


Kira’s spells always end the same—rain and violent storms. She’s what’s called a Defect, and that means one of two things in the witch world—losing your magic or death. After faking her demise, Kira is in hiding. She risks exposure and travels the world, making the Defective magic that would get her killed into a gift by bringing rains to places that most need water.

The witch world has changed in the ten years Kira’s been gone. Kira doesn’t know that she has a much bigger part to play against an ancient danger that threatens the entire world. But the witches want her for their own greedy plans. Her only chance to escape the witch council is to hide in areas where her storms go unnoticed. After one last stop in Africa, she plans to disappear again.

But Kira’s past catches up with her and a decade old blood debt comes due. As if being prey to the witch world isn’t enough, her family’s history with the Russian Mafia causes an enemy who was once her childhood friend to hunt her down. She and her only ally Alex—a naïve American—team up to escape the underworld warlord. As Kira’s feelings for Alex grow, she fears he will be caught in the crossfire. To settle this debt, someone will have to die.



Clara is the perfect little witch. No skipping school, no partying, and absolutely no dating. Her greatest dream is to land the lead in the high school musical, Grease—an honor that has escaped her for three years. After graduation her life will be all witch council rules, an arranged marriage, and babies. Blah, blah, blah. Then she meets Sam at auditions. His well-toned muscles stand out in the drama crowd. The hot as hell transfer student is definitely the Danny to her Sandy.


Injured, Sam needs to try something different than sports. Tired of the military preparation his father pushes on him, he auditions for the school musical. What began as a defiant whim becomes much more when he meets Clara. But the beautiful girl has secrets. Dangerous secrets.


Clara can’t risk her family and fall in love with an ungifted. She can’t defy the council rules. But love has a way of not following the rules.

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