Cover Reveal for Book Two in the series!

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Fractured Magic


As the world’s worst witch, Maddie is mistreated by her own kind. She was born a Defect. Most of her spells blow up in her face, literally. While witches search for the long-lost power of the earth, Maddie spends her time in the science lab. There, Maddie discovers a clue to the lost power.


The only other witness is Jax, a smokin’ hot bad-boy who Maddie can’t decide if she wants to kiss or kill. When she fails her magic final, the council orders her magic stripped. Maddie’s only chance to keep her brain intact is to find the power with the hope that it can “fix” her.


Jax is her one ally on the journey. The two of them must use their smarts to stay ahead of the witches while they follow a two-hundred-year-old trail to the power of the earth and the truth behind Maddie’s defect.

June 27, 2016

June 22, 2016

June 17, 2016

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"This book was fast paced and addictive, filled with magic and a lot of secrets to be uncovered. It also felt like a science-y and less dark version of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina mixed with vibes from The Darkest Minds series."  - FirstBookLove Review

"I didn't look up from the moment I started and to be honest, I didn't want to leave. 

Lush with rich detail, I felt like I was there for the epic adventure. This book hit everything that I love and more. Topped off with well rounded characters and a unique original plot, and you got yourself a top shelf read." -Don't Judge Read Review

"I really enjoyed the relationships that these characters had. Maddie looked out of her little brother, and she had a decent relationship with her parents, given that she's what's called a Defect and that's not a good thing to be in their world. And then there was Jax. Oh, boy, their relationship was just awesome! I loved the snark and the one liners!"  Words I Write Crazy Review

"This story was a super fast-paced one. From the first chapter, we are thrown into this scientific lab that had me intrigued. And the boy that discovers her society’s well-hidden secret just throws her into a spiral" Tree Stand Book Review.


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